Eastside Projects Gunilla Klingberg
Gunilla Klingberg
Parallelareal Variable
8th Jun - 3rd Aug 2013

Gunilla Klingberg’s ‘Parallelareal Variable’ reveals a powerful set of electro-magnetic bands of energy forming Eastside Projects. Klingberg’s new site specific installation is the Stockholm based artist’s first solo show in the UK for over a decade and continues her cosmic kaleidoscopic feedback loops of spiritual, capitalist and consumer patterns as visual machines.

Exploring both the legacy of new age spirituality within contemporary culture and the historical importance of mysticism within art Klingberg’s visual machine locates a fixed and moving grid that divides the gallery space into areas of positive and negative energy affecting movement through the space with a psychedelic twist. ‘Parallelareal’ refers to a parallel reality of energy lines called Curry Lines, named after the German scientist Manfred Curry who discovered them in the middle of the last century.