13th Jun - 29th Jun 2013
Julia Martinez is a young British photographer, specialising in portraiture, including fine art nude work. Her interest in photography started in childhood,  helping in the darkroom alongside her grand-father, a professional photographer, where she was excited by the “magic” of the process.

Unusually, her career has been on both sides of the camera. While working as a photographer's assistant, she was invited in front of the lens, and worked both in advertising, and as a model for fine art photographers, such as Rankin, Bob Carlos Clarke, Alwyn Coates, Ray Massey, Miguel Oriola (Madrid), and this back-ground has been immensely helpful when it comes to building an empathic rapport with her subjects. It was David Bailey's work, particularly his photo-book Trouble and Strife that inspired her move behind the lens. She completed a degree in photography at the University of Gloucestershire, and received generous sponsorship from Kodak, and also won a Fuji nationwide photographic competition, on the theme of "Obsessions" with her images of ballet dancers.

Like painters and photographers through the ages, Martinez has been inspired by the female form and, as a woman photographer with experience in front of the lens, she brings a fresh vision as she re-invents the conventions of nude photography. She almost always using natural light, preferring a fluidity in her approach, collaborating with her models through a creative staging process.