‘Archaeologies’ with The Contemporary London
On Show at the Griffin Gallery, London



23rd April – 25th May 2014

The Contemporary London, in partnership with Griffin Gallery, and curated by Michelle Medjeral-Thomas. brings together new works by Vasilis Avramidis (shown top), Jess Littlewood (shown below), Reginald Aloysius and Susanne Moxhay.

”Archaeologies presents alternative landscapes that invite us into uncanny private new worlds of imagination, fantasy and marked human absence. Both Avramidis and Aloysius create intensely detailed and skillfully delicate lush environments, where architecture is entangled with wild vegetation and the traditional and modern are meshed together. In contrast Littlewood and Moxhay’s post-Apocalyptic isolated spaces confront the viewer with a silent timelessness of cultivated order and the struggle for the ideal. With each of the works the viewer stumbles onto moments where they are forced to question the narratives of what has just happened and what events are yet to take place.

Archaeologies celebrates and interrogates images of opulence, fantasy, the remote, romantic and beautiful, architecture, sci-fi, failed empires, loss, history and transience. Where ‘place’ is usually established by the presence of humanity, these worlds are marked by a footprint of human absence and the reminance of material culture that strives to imbue its identity. These uncanny worlds transport and transcend, creating an imagined window of escapism from which to contemplate the human mark and its histories.”

Griffin Gallery can be found at The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, London, W11 4AJ