Art Circus Spotlight
‘The Terracotta series’ by Sally Kindberg



The idea of morphing, mimicking or mirroring beings together is nothing new in the history of art, thinking of Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci, to 19th century monsters of Notre Dame, to Maurizio Cattelan’s taxidermy. On the Internet images of art mingle with ordinary images such as a boy, dog, flower and even terracotta. This meaty mixture between really innocent, untouchable boys and yapping designer dogs e.g. creates a rather, hopefully sandy taste in the viewers’ eyes. Together with terracotta, which brings me in a snap shot back to the sponged walls of the 90s and tiles in toilets on the continent, I’m hoping to evoke that taste in the viewers’ mouths, when they say –mmm nice (with a pause).

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