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‘Time Capsule’ by Jana Emburey



















Jana Emburey Time Capsule Aluminium coated with copper, 20 x 16 x 10 cm, 2012

When attempting to analyse what time actually is and also how different cultures perceive it, one comes across the strangest ideas and possibilities. I have been exploring this concept for over a year now, using as a medium mainly sculpture and printmaking. This particular piece is the 3rd “Time Capsule” I have made and there is likely to be more in the near future. This one is made from aluminium coated with copper. It has been hand cut with a saw and modeled into its shape. It represents a pod, an egg, a womb, in which life of some sort was created, developed and finally released. It’s a metaphorical time machine, able to transport one to different stages of life.

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