‘A Homage To A Leak’ with HyunJeong Lim
at The University of the Arts, London

HyunjeongLim,paintingHyunjeong Lim, Landscape with pomegranate, Oil, chalk on canvas, 30x30cm, 2013

February 26th to March 1st

A Homage To A  Leak features 5 artists from Central Saint Martins including Hyungjeong Lim, Andreas M. Georgiou, Iori Endo, Patricia Pisanelli and Taki Kitada. The works deal with the subject through different perspectives, physically and conceptually, considering relations between material and support, pictorial manifestations or political questionings.

paranoia-agent     Taki Kitada, Paranoia Agent, acrylic on canvas, ink, Japanese paint, 50 x 60, 2012

_MG_2061      Iori Endo, Tame, Acrylic on canvas linen, 116 x 91 cm, 2012

DSC_2612Andreas M. Georgiou, Actions on mirror, acrylic on perspex mirror, size variable, 2012

PatriciaPatricia PisanelliChewed Red, Acrylic, PVA, plaster, MDF and wood,160 x 50 x 30 cm, 2012

On show at University Arts London, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY