Dan Cimmermann’s ‘Foxes and Hounds’
At the WorkHouse Gallery, Harrogate



21st Jun – 5th Jul 2013

The name Foxes and Hounds is derived from a childhood game I used to play with friends. One group of kids would go and hide in the dark, while the other group had to find and tag them, gathering members as they progressed until the last man (fox) was standing. We played for hours, sometimes all night. It was part scary, part exhilarating.

I chose the name for the exhibition because it conjures up strong memories of nostalgia. Most of the work in the exhibition is autobiographical and uses images from my past, drawing upon my childhood through to more recent times. Collecting and preserving imagery is important to me and by recreating these images in various ways in my paintings, i attempt to understand and preserve my memories. The act of defacing the imagery makes it more important to me, more significant and the amalgamation of several images together often then suggests a new narrative. Much of the work draws upon growing up in Middlesbrough, an industrial northern town, and how this has shaped my outlook on the way I see things today.

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