Natasha Peel in ‘New Order, British Art Now’
at the Saatchi Gallery, London

NPeelThe World’s Local Nomad, Heat-treated perspex (size and colour taken from HSBC London building façade) and vinyl-covered plinth (colour selected from branding material) 150 x 130 x 100 cm, 2012

‘In this piece the words ‘local’ and ‘nomad’ are intentionally juxtaposed to reveal the contradiction of the logic of global capitalist expansion as the endorsement of an extraterritorial colonialism. The colours and utopian slogans of corporate branding bring to mind the reductive aesthetics of constructivism and suprematism, which rehearse the institutional fate of the avant-garde.’

Natasha’s sculpture features in New Order, British Art Now at the Saatchi gallery with 17 other UK-based young artists, from 26 April – 9 June 2013.