Silvie Jacobi
In the Marmite Painting Prize
At the Tannery Arts, London


28th June – 20th July

The Marmite Painting Prize is a not-for-profit organization. The selection process is anonymous, with no artist cvs or biographies admitted. Their concern is to be as fair as possible to every entrant. They aim to promote artist communities and networks, locally and nationally, connecting artists through the touring exhibition and related activities.

The Marmite refers to the Old English term for a cooking pot, alluding to the mixing of diverse practices encouraged, and also to the prize itself – a specially made interpretation of a ‘marmite’ which is donated by an artist; this is a symbol of exchange, a recognition that any ‘prize’ is unequal and no value may legitimately be put on an artwork; it also stands for the alchemy of the process of making – whether divine inspiration or rigourous working process; sweaty excitement or long, cool labour? A witch’s cauldron, a vat of nourishment, a scientist’s test tube?