Art Circus Spotlight
‘Suberites Domuncula’ by Timothy Foxon

rsz_h708_5_89Suberites Domuncula is a natural sponge that a species of hermit crab pinches to camouflage itself. In this piece, the little crab has taken the idea of camouflage a step too far.

Timothy Foxon studied at Wimbledon School of Art. He collects and hoards items, then accompanied with other ingredients he reappropriates their original purpose and function. Using a certain naivety and playful approach, Timothy creates surreal sculptural one liners. Continue reading “Art Circus Spotlight
‘Suberites Domuncula’ by Timothy Foxon”

Art Circus Spotlight
‘Fractures of the Modern World’ by Sally Kindberg


My work stretches from the complete ridiculous to uneasiness and the oddball mystic. I often use objects in relation to paintings; alluding to the absurdity of a dating site, trying to match dysfunctional lonely souls that may not want to reproduce.

I have a particular interest in awkwardness and what specifically defines it. It is a phenomenon, which seems to dominate the Internet and much of the media world. Poor in resolution, production and subject matter, images float effortlessly in this non space. I look at stock photos and compare them with images from other eras. In the painting Fractures of the Modern World, I was trying to paint as effortless as possible (which is a contradiction) mirroring this economy with bits of pillars made of plastic/foam, which articulate an ineffective material for holding up an idea, no longer made of marble. A facemask references beauty but this couple border on caricature and composing/de-composing themselves can be a hard thing when, at the end of the day, they are still mortal.

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The Art Circus Looks At – Pencil on Paper

UntitledChris Shaw Hughes CarbonCities, pencil on paper, 2009

Drawing is often seen as a tool for studying and for sketching out ideas. But during the renaissance, drawing was thought of as the true art form. ‘Disegno’ is the Italian word for fine art drawing. It is the principle which underlies sculpture, fine art painting and architecture. Disegno combines the ability to draw with design and creative imagination.

Once the drawing was completed, the Colorito artist would add paint to the canvas. Their job was to capture the light, shade and colours, Colorito was seen as a craft rather than an art form, more of a colouring skill.

Making something striking, aesthetic and unique with only a pencil and paper is difficult.
Here are 10 drawings we have chosen from the Art Circus. Continue reading “The Art Circus Looks At – Pencil on Paper”

Art Circus Spotlight
‘Form’ by Chloe Rosser


Chloe Rosser is a final year student Falmouth University. Her latest project deals with the body as a strange sculptural form. Photographed in this contorted fashion, the body becomes inhuman. It is a mass of flesh, a growth. It intrigues us, with its strangeness and beauty, while its grotesqueness repels us. Here, the most familiar form becomes an unfamiliar sculpture. Continue reading “Art Circus Spotlight
‘Form’ by Chloe Rosser”