Deanna Tyson
“Until lions write their own history…the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” at the Alison Richards Building, Cambridge



For her exhibition at The Alison Richard Building Deanna Tyson has both selected and created works in response to the study Centres housed within, African, Latin American, South Asian, Politics and Development Studies.Taking the form of kimono, wall hangings, mats, soft sculptures and paintings she tells her political tales and weaves her social comments through stitched and painted textiles.“Textiles, their application, their colours, their very threads and stitches reveal a great deal about the social history of differing cultures. Exploiting the ubiquitous nature of textiles, I take contemporary political events and portray them through clothing and soft furnishing. I regard my works as three dimensional political cartoons.”

“Until lions write their own history…the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” is on show at the Alison Richards Building 7, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT, until the 3rd Jan 2014.

Anja Von Kalinowski
‘The Trinity of Emptiness’ and ‘The Unseen I’ at the City & Guilds MA Fine Art Show



Anja von Kalinowski’s work focuses on a 19th century psychiatric photograph of an anonymous woman. Considering the image as both an object of power and an affective object, she translates it into a series of obsessively worked art objects.

She displaces the specific languages of science and religion in her translation of the image into small-scale, intricate objects using the techniques of embroidery and painting. The main thread running through her work is the notion of an intense communication.

The dramatic and affective formal aspects of this photograph manifest in her idea to express the ambiguity of this image by generating a work process that follows the stylistic elements and opulence of the devotional art of the Baroque period as a mode of communication.

Anja von Kalinowski’s work is on show at City & Guilds, 124 Kennington Park Rd  London, SE11 4DJ  from 11th to the 15th September.

Hyunjeong Lim in collaboration with Andreas M Georgiu on Show in ‘Silence and I’ at the Hanmi Gallery



5th – 15th September 2013

For the Hanmi Gallery’s 23rd interim exhibition ‘Silence and I’, Hyunjeong will be presenting a stunning new triptych titled ‘In and Out Landscape’ in collaboration with Andreas M. Georgiu.

‘Silence and I’ features a group of international artists responding to the theme of silence and ourselves, reflecting on the notions of ruins and a world that has no room for silence. By exploring the boundaries of the self, and expanding concepts such as alienation and ruin, the raw state of the gallery space provides the perfect scenario for a collection of moments made tangible by the artists.

For more info, please visit the Hanmi Gallery

Ilona Szalay’s ‘Lesson’ Shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize


25 September – 12 October 2013

Ilona Szalay’s ‘Lesson’ (shown above) which was featured as an Art Circus Spotlight in May, has been shortlisted for the £30,000 Threadneedle prize.

The Threadneedle Prize now in its sixth year, showcases figurative and representational painting and sculpture for artists working in the UK and Continental Europe. All works in the competition are sourced through an open submission. The Prize exists to encourage debate about the role of figurative art in the contemporary art scene. This years exhibition will include 111 paintings, sculptures and installations by 95 artist. See some of the highlights.  Continue reading “Ilona Szalay’s ‘Lesson’ Shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize”

Chloe Rosser’s ‘Form 1’ on show in Cream 13

L0007002   L0007004  

Chloe Rosser’s will be showing her photographs ‘Form 1’ in Cream 13, an exhibition featuring a selection of some of the most interesting and diverse photographic talents to emerge from 2013.

The exhibition includes BA graduates from some of the most prestigious Photography Courses at Universities and Colleges the length and breadth of the country from Westminster to Glasgow; London to Newport and Brighton to Ulster. Curated by Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery, Cream 14: A Showcase of Graduate Photography Talent 2013 at the University of Brighton.

Cream 14 will be on show at the University of Brighton Gallery from 15th – 30th August 14th and at Brighton Dome from 14th September – 27th October 2013.

Alexander Heaton
On show in ‘60% Water’
At the James Freeman Gallery, London



4th July – 3rd August 2013

The natural world a fast escaping thing. Urbanisation, digitisation… every step into invention takes us that bit further away from our roots. And yet we can’t do without it. Nature still retains a strong hold over us – physically, emotionally, and in our imagination. 60% Water brings together three English painters who each explore this in a different way: Sarah Harvey, Jon Braley & Alexander Heaton.

Alexander Heaton’s paintings are based on his experiences as a mountain climber, travelling to some of the most remote and unvisited places on the planet. His work starts with almost photographic depictions of hard-to-reach places, and then ventures into the mythical associations that have grown up around them. Partly a matter of the sublime, Alex’s work is also about the point where, by leaving civilisation behind, the imagination starts to take charge, delving deep into the subconscious of old myth and folklore to animate the natural world with stories and spiritualism.

For more info, please visit the James Freeman Gallery.

Jake Wood-Evans
In ‘To One In The Dark’
At The Gallery on Redchurch Street

ImageProxy (5)


2nd July – 7th July 2013

Award winning artists Jake Wood-Evans and Chris Kettle bring new work to London at the Gallery in Redchurch Street (Shoreditch). The exhibition celebrates a return to classical craft and aesthetic mastery: these award-winning artists dare to be traditional even as they engage the modern subject. Haunted by specters both of the artistic past and their personal histories, these artists’ vivid, somber and beautiful paintings explore light, solitude and the many senses of darkness to startling and moving effect.

Silvie Jacobi
In the Marmite Painting Prize
At the Tannery Arts, London


28th June – 20th July

The Marmite Painting Prize is a not-for-profit organization. The selection process is anonymous, with no artist cvs or biographies admitted. Their concern is to be as fair as possible to every entrant. They aim to promote artist communities and networks, locally and nationally, connecting artists through the touring exhibition and related activities.

The Marmite refers to the Old English term for a cooking pot, alluding to the mixing of diverse practices encouraged, and also to the prize itself – a specially made interpretation of a ‘marmite’ which is donated by an artist; this is a symbol of exchange, a recognition that any ‘prize’ is unequal and no value may legitimately be put on an artwork; it also stands for the alchemy of the process of making – whether divine inspiration or rigourous working process; sweaty excitement or long, cool labour? A witch’s cauldron, a vat of nourishment, a scientist’s test tube?

Chloe Rosser in ‘F-Lux’
At The Old Truman Brewery, London


20th Jun – 24th Jun 2013

Falmouth University is showcasing an exhibition over fifty up-and-coming photographers from the BA Photography course. Questioning everything from art theory to the social status quo, f-Lux photographers push boundaries and seek to create engaging, impacting and relevant work; designed to launch them from their degree at Falmouth.

The figures in Chloe Rosser’s work are photographed in a contorted fashion, the body becomes inhuman. It is a mindless mass of flesh, both intriguing and repelling us. Here, what should be intimately familiar is transformed into an unfamiliar sculpture. The work is an unsettling exploration into the human condition and our alienation from our own bodies.

See more photographs by Chloe Rosser

Dan Cimmermann’s ‘Foxes and Hounds’
At the WorkHouse Gallery, Harrogate



21st Jun – 5th Jul 2013

The name Foxes and Hounds is derived from a childhood game I used to play with friends. One group of kids would go and hide in the dark, while the other group had to find and tag them, gathering members as they progressed until the last man (fox) was standing. We played for hours, sometimes all night. It was part scary, part exhilarating.

I chose the name for the exhibition because it conjures up strong memories of nostalgia. Most of the work in the exhibition is autobiographical and uses images from my past, drawing upon my childhood through to more recent times. Collecting and preserving imagery is important to me and by recreating these images in various ways in my paintings, i attempt to understand and preserve my memories. The act of defacing the imagery makes it more important to me, more significant and the amalgamation of several images together often then suggests a new narrative. Much of the work draws upon growing up in Middlesbrough, an industrial northern town, and how this has shaped my outlook on the way I see things today.

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