Lucy Atherton
With the Long and Ryle Gallery
At the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead


12th June – 16th June 2013

Lucy will be displaying some of her new paintings with the Long and Ryle Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, where 113 galleries will be exhibiting a huge array of contemporary art, from emerging artists to established names.

Lucy’s paintings draw inspiration from many sources including animals, wilderness, journeys, memories, imagination and dreams. Working freely and intuitively with paints and inks, she allows secret worlds to reveal themselves. Creating comforting images familiar to children’s illustrations, they also have an unsettling feeling, as if something darker may lurk beneath.

Nina Fowler in ‘In Dreams’
On show at The Cob Gallery, London



7th June – 27th July

Nina Fowler is displaying her drawing titled ‘Bill’ (featured top) in group show ‘In Dreams’ at The Cob Gallery  The show will feature works of the most exciting emergent artists, including Kate Mccgwire (left) Rebecca Stevenson (right) alongside an archive of established works; magnifying dreams through an expansive variety of medias. Piecing together lesser-known perspectives on the nature of dreams and the visual language they offer.

The gallery will be transformed into an immersive installation, a labyrinth within which the viewer will be guided through different sleep states and the act of dreaming. Alongside the gallery installation, a pop-up shop on Camden high street will explore the effect of lucid dreaming, heightened by hallucinogenics on the Beat generation, and new approaches to visual media. Visitors will also have the option to be involved in sleep experiments.

Fipsi Seilern’s Classical Portraits
On Show at Muxima in Bow, London


6th Jun – 27th Jun 2013

FIpsi will be exhibiting a group of classically inspired portraits and sketches. Using a centuries-old method, she combines her technique and the relationship with her sitters to revive an old art form within a modern society. Rough sketches drafted from her imagination often derive from these classical foundations.

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Eleanor Cunningham
On show at Fairly Square, London


30th May to 30th July 2013

The faithful transcriber of reality – emerging artist Eleanor Cunningham takes photography to a new age. Her Images hold fascinating traces of physical gestures due to her unique photographic techniques. ‘Nonna’s Window’ is one of four works on show at Fairly Square.

Fairly Square is London’s first fair trade bar and cafe which is becoming an inviting social hub for all, especially ethically-minded individuals and groups, holding a programme of topical ethical discussion events, literature and art events, along with music, poetry and movie nights.


Fairly Square can be found at 51 Red Lion Street in Holborn, London. A chance to meet the artist will be held at the venue on the 30th May, 7 pm – late.

Hyunjeong Lim’s MA Show
On show at Saint Martins, London

tumblr_mf8gsz4qYD1rtt47do1_r1_1280Landscape with with Lady bugs oil, arcylic, chalk on canvas, 66 x 81 cm, 2013

25th May –  29th May 2013

The primary focus in my art practice has been that of evoking, through a visual medium, the sense of fantasy, which is naturally inherent in human beings. I’m especially interested in the notion of unconscious memories and creating imaginary worlds. I try to visualize a mindscape consisting of various creatures with stories that are suggestive to the world of fantasy.

I see the possibility of finding connections in previous art history with my own contemporary practice. I would like to produce a fantasy based surrealistic view of the real world by combining historical painting traditions with my own inner imaginary world.

Hyunjeong Lim Studies of drawing-painting, oil, acrylic, chalk on canvas, wood, canvas board, size variable, 2013

Hyunjeong Lim, Landscapes, oil, acrylic, chalk on canvas, 30x30-25x25-30x30cm, 2013Landscape with Cones, Landscape with two eggs and Landscape with Samar’s pomegranate oil, acrylic, chalk on canvas, 30 x 30 – 25 x 25 – 30 x 30 cm, 2013

Hyunjeong’s paintings are on show at Central Saint Martins, The Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4AA

For more info, please visit Central Saint Martins MA Show

Melodie Cook at the Mall Galleries
‘The Royal Society of Portrait Painters’


9th May – 24th May 2013

Melodie will be showing her work at the Mall Galleries. With some 200 portraits on show this is the Britain’s largest exhibition of recent portraits in diverse styles with a fascinating array of celebrities and lesser-known sitters. The show will also feature shortlisted works from SELF, the major new art competition which pushes the boundaries of self-portraiture.

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Jonathan Alibone’s ‘To All Who Come To This Happy Place’
On show at the Reading Room, London


29th April – 31st May 2013

The works presented in this exhibition can be read as an articulation of the uncertainty and irreconcilable antagonisms inherent in our existence. They offer a critical interrogation of western culture’s beliefs and values, and an exploration of the conflicted territory between such opposing concepts as: faith and doubt, reality and fantasy, the enduring and the transient, and physical desire versus spiritual longing.

Alibone appropriates images and text from film, magazines, pornography, and other cultural ephemera, setting them adrift from their original contextual moorings. Meaning and metaphor are re-introduced through a process of loss and retrieval, of creation and destruction, enacted within each painting.

For more info, please visit the Reading Room

Sally Kindberg in ‘Turf and Surface’
At the Lion & Lamb Gallery, London


27th April to 18th May

Sally will being showing two of her paintings, Uttered very Softly and Wish I was made of Stainless Steel at the Lion & Lamb Gallery along side artists Tom Benson, Catherine Hughes, James Lowe and John Chilver, who also curated the show. The Lion & Lamb gallery is situated within a friendly typical East London pub and promotes contemporary painting, inviting artists to curate shows.

Lex Thomas in ‘Of Truth Of Clouds’
At the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell

lex620 April – 16 June 2013

Taking its title from critic John Ruskin’s third volume of Modern Painters Thomas’ latest series of paintings linger on the Romantic sublime and quote from a historical obsession with the End of the World. Whilst these works reference the essence of the sublime they also suggest that perhaps modern Man has conquered all of nature apart from his own. With a Utopian quest fueled by a para-religious pursuit of technological advancement perhaps it is the machines that will win.

Thomas continues to explore the fictions man has created in order to deal with his existential predicament and the attempt to fill, as Jung described it, ‘the God-shaped hole’. These timeless landscapes are silent and menacing with mysterious crystalline growths. Devoid of human presence yet witnessed by surveillance cameras, the only company in this desolation is a space ship or homing beacon. The glitches in the representation of the skies seem to betray the unreliability of reality. Located simultaneously between Romanticism and science fiction Thomas’ paintings describe unstable worlds that fuse past, present and future.

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