Hyunjeong Lim’s ‘Somewhere’
At the Beers Contemporary’s ‘Contemporary Visions IV’

lim1a‘Somewhere’ (detail) chalk on canvas,160 x 350 cm, 2012

Contemporary Visions IV presents nine international artists (selected from a pool of nearly 1500 applicants), who represent a host of disciplines and perspectives in contemporary art. Even through the artists use unique methods and mediums, they exhibit a desire to question traditional modes of artistic consumption. Here, notions of aesthetics and the politics of looking are always under scrutiny. Many of the works offer reinterpretations of art historical canon, simultaneously venerating and veering away from their antiquated source material. One senses a reverence for historical precedent, as well as a drive to reinvent contemporary ideas of artistic practice. Also of significance are the themes of fantasy and transformation. Through metamorphosis of the human figure (and the spaces it inhabits), these artists challenge preconceived notions of artistic authority, and pave the way for a new understanding of the impact of contemporary art.


With visual references to old masters such as Bosch and Bruegel, artist Hyunjeong Lim toys with the whimsy and caprice inherent in the human condition. A reliance on the historical traditions of painting informs her aesthetic, yet her conceptual framework is entrenched in the personal and modern. ‘Contemporary Visions IV’ will also display work by Youngbin Choi, Antoine Donzeaud, Elisabetta Falanga, Catalin Geana, Hyunjeong Lim, Vojtech Mica, Luke Turner, Carl White, Phil Woodward and the runs from 14th November to 21 December 2013. For more info please visit Beers Contemporary.