Art Circus Spotlight
‘Green Lady’ by China Jordan

China Jordan

My painting values are very old fashioned, but my concepts are timeless. Sex, eroticism, voyeurism; all are natural humanistic properties which I am just starting to tap into. I find the figure increasingly attractive in any way it comes and I like to mix up characters to create erotically teasing scenes. The most important element of each of my paintings is the confrontation of the gaze a character can bring. The look which speaks to you without words and makes you ask questions that even I don’t have the answer’s too. It is the viewers choice and own personal histories that affect their interpretation of  the situation of my paintings and so far, the feedback seems to be that the work is all about adultery, violence and prostitution. However, my paintings are a lot softer and painted in a more tame manor with an innocent intention. How they got to these conclusions must be a reflection on their character or on societies need for confrontation and drama.

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