Art Circus Spotlight
‘One Trick Pony?’ by Sally Kindberg


It is fair to say that my paintings contain elements of wrongness. I have always been drawn to dysfunctionality; the way objects, situations or people come across. In a painting e.g. one just accepts and allow for what is happening there, to be, even if it’s a horse with no legs, two legs or what not. I am not particularly on friendly terms with horses after almost being thrown off one of those Portuguese sports cars…a Lusitano, this one with only one horsepower (which is not true, one horse is roughly 14.9hp, which is odd when you think about it, isn’t it?).

It is fascinating to eliminate certain bits of anything but we still try to make sense of it. In the painting with two backsides mirroring each other, you start to think about this animal as a one trick pony. I mean, honestly, what can it do? What are the possibilities? Not really going anywhere. There is something mechanical about it, like those old fashion toys you turn up and their legs keep walking even if they are lying down. Or as in the other painting with a horse on two legs, no front legs, peacefully eating away. He needs to keep eating in order to stay up and there is some kind of truth in that, one must eat to be in this world.

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