Art Circus Spotlight
‘Time and Coffee’ and ‘The Best Bit’ by James Ng


The puzzling relation between need and want has been the focus of my art practice. Choices come to us everyday, and the meaning of our necessity shifts, depending on the moment. Want becomes need, or need becomes want. It is super fascinating.

“Time and Coffee?” is based on a Starbucks experience in West-End London. The efficiency in coffeehouse chain made coffee always strike me. Using minimal yet efficient communication between staff, my order arrived within matter of seconds . While enjoying my refreshing coffee in a comfortable seat, a question came in my mind: Who’s the one that really need the coffee?


“The best bit” is the first painting of tooth brush series. We must brush our teeth. I think the mundane quality in this activity is amazing because it is both the contrast and the foundation of the fantasies you have the rest of the day.

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