Nina Fowler in ‘In Dreams’
On show at The Cob Gallery, London



7th June – 27th July

Nina Fowler is displaying her drawing titled ‘Bill’ (featured top) in group show ‘In Dreams’ at The Cob Gallery  The show will feature works of the most exciting emergent artists, including Kate Mccgwire (left) Rebecca Stevenson (right) alongside an archive of established works; magnifying dreams through an expansive variety of medias. Piecing together lesser-known perspectives on the nature of dreams and the visual language they offer.

The gallery will be transformed into an immersive installation, a labyrinth within which the viewer will be guided through different sleep states and the act of dreaming. Alongside the gallery installation, a pop-up shop on Camden high street will explore the effect of lucid dreaming, heightened by hallucinogenics on the Beat generation, and new approaches to visual media. Visitors will also have the option to be involved in sleep experiments.