Art Circus Spotlight
‘Fractures of the Modern World’ by Sally Kindberg


My work stretches from the complete ridiculous to uneasiness and the oddball mystic. I often use objects in relation to paintings; alluding to the absurdity of a dating site, trying to match dysfunctional lonely souls that may not want to reproduce.

I have a particular interest in awkwardness and what specifically defines it. It is a phenomenon, which seems to dominate the Internet and much of the media world. Poor in resolution, production and subject matter, images float effortlessly in this non space. I look at stock photos and compare them with images from other eras. In the painting Fractures of the Modern World, I was trying to paint as effortless as possible (which is a contradiction) mirroring this economy with bits of pillars made of plastic/foam, which articulate an ineffective material for holding up an idea, no longer made of marble. A facemask references beauty but this couple border on caricature and composing/de-composing themselves can be a hard thing when, at the end of the day, they are still mortal.

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