‘Black Jubilee’ with Peter Ferguson at Roq La Rue, Seattle

Montreal-based painter Peter Ferguson shows intricately detailed paintings, evocative scenes of explorers and adventurers with a 1940’s National Geographic meets HP Lovecraft twist. Peter Ferguson’s meticulously painted, darkly humorous narratives also evoke early 20th century small town Americana (or Canadiana as the case may be). Combining the fantasy of the great ages of exploration with a distinctly paranormal bent, Ferguson’s work hovers along the lines of fantasy without ever fully teetering into full scale camp, and his work retains an air of both wonder and occasional melancholy.

8533889807_1f24c07af6_zThe Opening Salvo of the Duck War

8533889775_c609292809_cFirst Master Finder



flotsam loFlotsam

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