The Art Circus Looks At – Pencil on Paper

UntitledChris Shaw Hughes CarbonCities, pencil on paper, 2009

Drawing is often seen as a tool for studying and for sketching out ideas. But during the renaissance, drawing was thought of as the true art form. ‘Disegno’ is the Italian word for fine art drawing. It is the principle which underlies sculpture, fine art painting and architecture. Disegno combines the ability to draw with design and creative imagination.

Once the drawing was completed, the Colorito artist would add paint to the canvas. Their job was to capture the light, shade and colours, Colorito was seen as a craft rather than an art form, more of a colouring skill.

Making something striking, aesthetic and unique with only a pencil and paper is difficult.
Here are 10 drawings we have chosen from the Art Circus.

L0004158Alannah Barker Addled, pencil on paper

L0001550Sam Branton Blush, pencil on paper, 2007

L0005942Alzbeta Jaresova, Position I, pencil on paper, 2012

Wreath DEER_for web

Denise Nestor Wreath (february) pencil on paper, 16′ x 16′

L0003138Abbi Torrance Formation 1, pencil on paper

L0003146Ashley Yeo Brutalism of the Universe, pencil on paper, 2012

                L0001695Robert Powell Leaf study 2pencil on paper

L0005891Nina Mae Fowler A Real Allegory: Part II, Marlene, pencil on paper, 224 x 304 cm, 2011


Kirsty O’Leary-Leeson, pencil on paper