2013-Cosmic-Flake-60-x-50-x-3cm-SUPER-FUTURE-KID       SUPER FUTURE KID was born in East Germany in 1981. SFK Graduated from KHB – School of Art, Berlin and currently lives and works in London.

How did art school help, if at all, in the development of your practice?                         

The time in art school was quite difficult and confusing for me for the first 1 or 2 years but on the long term, it helped me to find my own way. You find out what you like doing and what you rather don’t enjoy, but what you might not have tried doing on your own.

Is the medium you use more important than the subject matter/message?                        

I guess they form a unity of equal parts. The medium is the base and the subject matter is the body. If one of them gets less attention the whole piece becomes unbalanced.


What’s more satisfying, the process or the final product?                                               

The Process is more exciting I guess, I love to paint. When I finish a work I am already messing about priming more canvases. On the other hand I do like having the finished paintings all around me, they are like a growing manifestation of my own world.

Is it important for the viewer to understand the meaning of your work?                             

I don’t know if its important for the viewer but I like it when people try to make sense out of it in their own way – and simply enjoy looking at it.


What kind of artwork would you make if you had a warehouse of artists working for you?                                                                                                                                               

Still painting but as big as possible and I’d probably keep them busy with stretching, priming and cleaning up – the only part of my process which I’d happily skip.

What’s the one thing you would save from your studio if it was about to be destroyed? 


You seem to paint really quickly, how long does a painting take? and would you consider spending like a few months on one piece, either painting larger or adding more detail?

I usually work on a smaller piece which is like 80 cm by 1 m  or so for a week but I sometimes also work on a large piece for up to 6 weeks. When I start a new painting I work on it almost everyday and usually 8 or 10  hours a day…I wouldn’t like working on a piece much longer than necessary because I have so many others that I want to paint.

2013-Legend Ascending-55-x-55-x-3cm-SUPER-FUTURE-KID

Do you think owning art is an investment or a luxury?                                                          

A statement for enjoying something personal, unique, hand crafted and beautiful.

Are you more inspired in museums and galleries or elsewhere?                          

Inspiration can strike anywhere, but I think a mix of different sources forms something inspiring

How important is the title of a piece?                                                                              

Rather unimportant.


‘Suffer when alive but be remembered forever’ or ‘live comfy and rich but be forgotten’?                                                                                                                                        

I don’t think that artists really have to suffer these days and it is nice to think of making something that lasts and that other generations will still enjoy looking at or be inspired by. 

Where would you like to be in five years?                                                                            

In a bright big studio in the wild in Iceland.

Super Future Kid’s work has been selected for ‘Burning Bright’, a Saatchi Online Group Show at Hyatt Regency in London.’