Artist Show
Dulcy Lott’s ‘Everyone, Everyone Knows It’s Me’
At Blackwell’s Coffee Shop, Oxford


1st of September – 14th of September

Dulcy Lott’s new collection of photographs, titled ‘Everyone, everyone knows it’s me’, touch on the darker side of fairy tales and focus on the surreal, unsettling moments that life throws at us. It also investigates the physicality and relationships within the photographers frame.

Dulcy used local Oxford dance artists Callum Anderson, Helen Wadge and Emma Jane Grieg, as well as models from a non dance background to create the work. The nimble dancers were put into dramatic and challenging dance positions, often within quite harsh surroundings such as rusty old fences, coarse stone walls and large,abandoned shipping containers. This combination, creates a tension and unease within the viewer as well as a chance to study the elegance of the human form in such demanding poses, for that split second, before they’ve been lost.

‘Everyone, everyone knows it’s me’ is on show at Blackwell’s Coffee Shop, Oxford.