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The Art of Darkness
John Robb

The Art of Darkness by john Robb

Hardback: 548 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Price: £25.00
ISBN: 978-1-526173-20-1

Vasilis Avramidis – Understory
Exhibition – Hiro Gallery, Tokyo

Understory Exhibition

Collected images from art history meld into Vasilis’ oil paintings, creating unreal narratives, which nevertheless reflect his own thoughts on life. In all its surreal character, the overall work seeks to address themes such as remoteness, evasion, escapism, falsehood and personal cultivation.

Most of the source material forming this language is imagery from the Baroque and Rococo era in Europe, classical portraiture, Dutch still life, everyday snapshots or studio photography. The exploration of historical paintings has been center to Vasilis’ work for some time now, due to their timelessness and ability to uncover human issues in a unique way, while remaining relevant today and always.

The latest works have been painted using entirely black and white oil paint, in order to bypass the sentimental and symbolic effect of color, and address the subject matter purely through form and narrative.

The Heart Is Weak


The Last Road

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Gary Drew
New Collection of Paintings

New Work by Gary Drew
During the past years I have spent my time creating artwork for multiple usem ranging from large murals for both the private and business sector, to smaller commissioned bespoke pieces.

My main area is in the production of children’s murals for health clubs, schools and crèches.
Although I’m based in North Wales I also spend my time traveling and working throughout Europe.

I have recently produced the oil paintings below and have been lucky enough to have had several exhibitions.

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Paul Knight
New Book – Entanglement

A series of still life photographs utilising a technique known as Painting With Light.

Long camera exposures and a moving light source to create a soft painterly quality
reminiscent of the paintings from the Dutch Golden Age of Art.

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Sam Branton
New Collection – Holy Ground

Inspired by the frescos and reliefs in remains from ancient Greece and the reconstructions made from them, Branton’s series Holy Ground looks at the aesthetic quality and mystery of the fragment. Branton creates his fragments by composing and painting the entire scene first to look like a lost painting by George Stubbs or Jean Baptiste Oudry.
Branton then carefully chooses the section that will become the fragment, cuts it out and discards the rest. From the fragment, the viewer can reconstruct their own painting and create their own fable from the clues left behind.

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New Collection – Holy Ground”

Agent X
Joins The Art Circus

Agent X jumped onto the radar when named as a semi-finalist in the 2011 New York Art Marathon, with multiple international honors that rapidly followed including winning Top Entry in the competitive Curious Art-Pie Show at Curious Duke Gallery, London and being named among ‘12 Artists to invest in now’ by New Blood Art Gallery, London.
Currently based in Vancouver, Agent X has exhibited in art meccas around the world including London,Singapore, Los Angeles, Germany, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Spain and Toronto.

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Joins The Art Circus”

Natalie Toplass
Joins the Art Circus

Natalie started painting professionally shortly after moving to Shropshire in 2003, following her earlier formal training in fine art and later, stage and set design.
She began working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, which have been heavily influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Karl Blossfeldt and early 17th century Dutch painters such as Ambrosius Bosschaert.
Natalie has had several well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain, for example; the Judith Blacklock Gallery in Knightsbridge, several Cork Street galleries in London, Birmingham City Art Gallery and the Royal Academy.

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Joins the Art Circus”

Shari Denson & Karen McBride
A Very Insecure Exhibition

Manchester based music photographers Karen McBride and Shari Denson presented a one-night exhibition and book launch in Manchester’s city centre on 22nd February at the Projekts MCR Skateboard park beneath Manchester’s Mancunian Way. Both women are known for their often grainy, atmospheric black and white images of well known bands as well as lesser known local talent.

A Very Insecure Exhibition displayed work dating back to the beginning of the millennium, such as Elbow, I am Kloot, Editors, James Brown, Interpol, Ian Brown, Morrissey, Scissor Sisters, Al Green, amongst other works.
The book was a special double-cover edition produced by UKGiclee and published by Art Circus Books.
Available from

Both Shari and Karen shot primarily on black and white film until around 2010, giving their respective work in such low light situations a distinctive high contrast look. Their paths had crossed in the photo pit at gigs many times since those earlier years, but they were finally brought together last year by their inclusion in ‘Suffragette City’ – an exhibition featuring portraits of 25 of Manchester’s most influential women in music, organised by Manchester Digital Music Archive.

Shari and Karen were interviewed by Manchester music-journalist John Robb.

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A Very Insecure Exhibition”