Vasilis Avramidis – Understory
Exhibition – Hiro Gallery, Tokyo

Understory Exhibition

Collected images from art history meld into Vasilis’ oil paintings, creating unreal narratives, which nevertheless reflect his own thoughts on life. In all its surreal character, the overall work seeks to address themes such as remoteness, evasion, escapism, falsehood and personal cultivation.

Most of the source material forming this language is imagery from the Baroque and Rococo era in Europe, classical portraiture, Dutch still life, everyday snapshots or studio photography. The exploration of historical paintings has been center to Vasilis’ work for some time now, due to their timelessness and ability to uncover human issues in a unique way, while remaining relevant today and always.

The latest works have been painted using entirely black and white oil paint, in order to bypass the sentimental and symbolic effect of color, and address the subject matter purely through form and narrative.

The Heart Is Weak


The Last Road

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