The Art Circus Selection from
The Hampstead Affordable 2019

Artist: Je Shen
Title: Pink Meditation
Medium: Oil Painting
Gallery: Galleria Palmaarte


Artist: Park. Sung Sik
Title: I am who I am
Medium: Oil Painting & Plaster relief on Canvas
Gallery: GaGa Gallery Seoul


Artist: Andrew Ryder
Title: Swimming (Alala 2017)
Medium: Suspended elements
NoonPowell Fine Art


Artist: Peter Stewart
Title: Motherboard II (2018)
Medium: Photography
Gallery: artitled

Artist: Marijus Balcius
Title: Circle of life
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: RadoArt

Artist: Basuki Dasgupta
Title: Gossib 2019
Medium: Mixed media on Canvas Board
Gallery: The Brown Easel


Artist: Marie Ange Daudé
Artist Website
Title: Flowers in the Hair
Medium: Suspended feathers in box frame
Gallery: Quantum Contemporary Art

Artist: Stefan Gross
Title: Wilder Salat mit Rot
Medium: Mixed Media