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‘Through American Eyes’ with Frederic Church
at The National Gallery, London


6th Feb – 28th Apr 2013

Church was a leading member of the Hudson River School of landscape painters, active in the mid-19th century, and a key American exponent of the oil sketch which he executed both at home and on his extensive travels to Niagara Falls, Labrador, Jamaica, Mexico and the Middle East. Oil sketches have become objects of appreciation and study in their own right. Among students of American art, Church’s sketches in particular are admired for their freshness and originality.

Terra - Church, Our Banner in the Sky, 1992.27








This exhibition brings together around 25 oil sketches. Works are drawn from the incomparable collections of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, and Olana, Church’s picturesque estate along the Hudson River, now a New York State Historic Site.

Hey Look, Its A Giant White Baby!


Marc Quinn’s Planet, was donated to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore by Mr and Mrs Putra and Imelda Masagung. The Giant sculpture depicts Quinn’s infant son, floating above the ground.

Quinn said “To me, Planet is a paradox – hugely heavy, yet the bronze appears weightless; overwhelmingly big, yet also an image of vulnerability. It is both a reflection of ourselves and the earth upon which we live,”

‘The Islands Across the Sea’ with Claire Partington
& Cornelia O’Donovan at the James Freeman Gallery


6th Feb – 9th Mar 2013

A long time ago, before the Age of Reason, the world was explained through stories and imagination. People became animals; animals became spirits; good deeds were rewarded; naughty children were imprisoned, eaten, or worse. And while we may believe ourselves long removed from such fantasies, old narratives still have the ability to resonate deeply within us. The Islands Across the Sea is an exhibition bringing together two artists who explore the enduring potency of myth and folklore, drawing on old tales and historical figures from the British Isles to show how they still hold powerful sway over our imagination.

‘What are you doing after this?’ at the Ivory & Black Gallery


1st Feb – 8th Mar 2013

A group exhibition with Neckface, Jason Dill, Leo Fitzpatrick, Jeff Potocar, Atiba Jefferson, Meryl Smith, Weirdo Dave, Todd Jordan, Tino Razo, Chris Manute Shonting, Lele Saveri, Alex Olson, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Nina Long, William Strobeck, Jerry Hsu and Curtis Buchanan in association with Vans Syndicate.

‘Prisoners’ with Dan Witz at the Lazarides Gallery


25th Jan – 25th Feb 2013

Effecting the trompe l’oeil technique of painting from Old Masters layered over the contemporary medium of digital photography, Witz’s lifelike depictions appear as if from nowhere on lampposts, doors, walls and windows all around the world. Each image is designed to shock passersby with the unexpected thereby questionning their sense of reality.

Limbs interlace, bodies fall over one another with the diverse emotions expressed at varying stages of the mosh. For those works in Prisoner series, Witz linked with Amnesty International, the biggest international organization for human rights, to portray real-life subjects from their campaign. Each is portrayed in the nude, gagged with bound hands and feet as a symbolic nod to their worldly strife.

‘Pre – Raphaelites in Print’ at Sanders of Oxford

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18th Jan – 31st Jan 2013

Pre –Raphaelites In Print brings together a fine collection of etched and engraved works by distinguished artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and their followers. Including work by Edward Burne-Jones, William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to view and purchase scarce printed works by some of the most pre-eminent English artists of the nineteenth Century.
Highlights of the exhibition include a very scarce photogravure by Holman Hunt of the May Day choir singing from the top of Magdalen College Tower, a highly detailed etching by Jules Simon Payrau after Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones’ The Garden of Hesperides alongside a Berlin Photographic Company impression of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Dante’s Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice.

5 Highlights from 2012

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1. Pavilion, Lucy Williams second solo show at the Timothy Taylor Gallery. Williams displayed delicate and intricate collages made,from mixed media based-reliefs of deserted mid-century Modernist architecture.

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