Q&A with Ashley Yeo

Old Things, hand cut paper and glueAshley Yeo completed her MA at Chelsea College of Fine Art in 2012. She currently lives and works in Singapore.

In what way did art school help in the development of your practice?

It definitely built a strong foundation for me, that’s what I feel. Going through the processes of experimenting, and having critiques does help a lot to keep me going and continue making different things. it provided a base through the process of research, guidance from mentors and experience of actually having tried things out and knowing what kind of works and what don’t. Burning out does happen but when you are surrounded by people making art, and it’s a healthy competitive environment, as students, we just kept going. The real difficulties as an artist started when I graduated, but I feel that what I’ve learnt in art school keeps me grounded. Continue reading “Q&A with Ashley Yeo”

‘Intimate Strangers’ with Nina Mae Fowler at Art13, London

billBill, (h) 140 x (w) 140 x (d) 9 cm, Pencil + mixed media, 2013

British writer, Barry Miles, took the original photograph this drawing comes from of William Burroughs in his Duke Street, St James, home in 1972. Miles states that he and his good friend Bill were enjoying a “somewhat drunken” evening in together as the slight blurring of the image suggests. This photo hangs in the living room of Miles’ home.

Carla's MumCarla’s Mum(h) 125 x (w) 91 x (d) 9 cm, Pencil + mixed media, 2012-13

This image is taken from a passport booth photo of Carla Borel’s mother Jen. She was a dancer in Las Vegas during the 60’s and later moved to Paris where she danced at the Moulin Rouge and was to meet Carla’s father. Carla is photographer and uses only black and white film; she keeps the original picture hanging on her living room wall. Continue reading “‘Intimate Strangers’ with Nina Mae Fowler at Art13, London”

Adel Abdessemed’s ‘Cri’ at David Zwirner, London


Taken from the well-known photograph of children fleeing a napalm attack during the Vietnam War, ‘Cri’ depicts the young girl running naked with her arms outstretched and her mouth open in a scream. Made entirely in mammoth ivory, Her life-sized figure is accompanied by a series of drawings featuring soldiers in full gear.

Continue reading “Adel Abdessemed’s ‘Cri’ at David Zwirner, London”

Slinkachu’s O2 commission for ’20 Years of War Child’

play-fighting_2487263kPlay Fighting, Wandsworth Common, London


Slinkachu, the UK-based street artist, has been commissioned to create 3 pieces for the exhibition ’20 Years of War Child’.The exhibition celebrates 20 years of the charity, who have helped saved the lives of over 800,000 children in the world’s most war-torn countries, from Bosnia, Chechnya and Rwanda to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Continue reading “Slinkachu’s O2 commission for ’20 Years of War Child’”

Raqib Shaw at the Manchester Art Gallery


Raqib Shaw has created a dazzling response to George Stubbs ‘Cheetah and Stag with Two Indians’  for this exhibition. Inspired by the impression the painting made on the artist as a young boy, this provocative new work is on display alongside the original (shown below) from the Manchester Art Gallery’s collection.


Other works including Adam and a selection from Shaw’s recent series Of Beasts and Super- Beasts will be on display until 26th May, 2013. More info

‘A Homage To A Leak’ with HyunJeong Lim
at The University of the Arts, London

HyunjeongLim,paintingHyunjeong Lim, Landscape with pomegranate, Oil, chalk on canvas, 30x30cm, 2013

February 26th to March 1st

A Homage To A  Leak features 5 artists from Central Saint Martins including Hyungjeong Lim, Andreas M. Georgiou, Iori Endo, Patricia Pisanelli and Taki Kitada. The works deal with the subject through different perspectives, physically and conceptually, considering relations between material and support, pictorial manifestations or political questionings. Continue reading “‘A Homage To A Leak’ with HyunJeong Lim
at The University of the Arts, London”