‘Black Jubilee’ with Peter Ferguson at Roq La Rue, Seattle

Montreal-based painter Peter Ferguson shows intricately detailed paintings, evocative scenes of explorers and adventurers with a 1940’s National Geographic meets HP Lovecraft twist. Peter Ferguson’s meticulously painted, darkly humorous narratives also evoke early 20th century small town Americana (or Canadiana as the case may be). Combining the fantasy of the great ages of exploration with a distinctly paranormal bent, Ferguson’s work hovers along the lines of fantasy without ever fully teetering into full scale camp, and his work retains an air of both wonder and occasional melancholy. Continue reading “‘Black Jubilee’ with Peter Ferguson at Roq La Rue, Seattle”

The Art Circus Looks At – Pencil on Paper

UntitledChris Shaw Hughes CarbonCities, pencil on paper, 2009

Drawing is often seen as a tool for studying and for sketching out ideas. But during the renaissance, drawing was thought of as the true art form. ‘Disegno’ is the Italian word for fine art drawing. It is the principle which underlies sculpture, fine art painting and architecture. Disegno combines the ability to draw with design and creative imagination.

Once the drawing was completed, the Colorito artist would add paint to the canvas. Their job was to capture the light, shade and colours, Colorito was seen as a craft rather than an art form, more of a colouring skill.

Making something striking, aesthetic and unique with only a pencil and paper is difficult.
Here are 10 drawings we have chosen from the Art Circus. Continue reading “The Art Circus Looks At – Pencil on Paper”

‘Between the Lines’ at All Visual Arts, London


8th Mar – 27th Apr 2013

A group exhibition of international artists that examines the world of draftsmanship.

Features: Salvador Dali, Otto Dix, George Grosz, Steven C. Harvey, Reece Jones, Dirk Lange, Seung- Hyun Lee, Fernand Léger, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, Robert Longo, Dominic McGill, Robert McNally, Ludwig Meidner, Yan Pei-Ming, Paul Noble, Dennis Scholl, Erinç Seymen, Mircea Suciu and Hugo Wilson. Continue reading “‘Between the Lines’ at All Visual Arts, London”

‘World Domination’ with Todd James at Lazarides, London

World Domination

6th Mar – 11th Apr 2013

Part of his iconic Somali Pirates series, the New York-based artist’s paintings depict pirates, often in headgear and masks, brandishing AK-47s and performing a range of quotidian activities. A selection of gouache on paper works will also be on display, many featuring singular brand of All-American girl as cheerleader of the Apocalypse, bearing arms and baring ass. Continue reading “‘World Domination’ with Todd James at Lazarides, London”

Art Circus Spotlight
‘Form’ by Chloe Rosser


Chloe Rosser is a final year student Falmouth University. Her latest project deals with the body as a strange sculptural form. Photographed in this contorted fashion, the body becomes inhuman. It is a mass of flesh, a growth. It intrigues us, with its strangeness and beauty, while its grotesqueness repels us. Here, the most familiar form becomes an unfamiliar sculpture. Continue reading “Art Circus Spotlight
‘Form’ by Chloe Rosser”

‘Oblivion’ with Hyunjeong Lim, Shoreditch

Journey to the British Museum, 2011,charcoal on canvas,157x330cmHyunjeong Lim, Journey to the British Museum, 2011, charcoal on canvas,157 x 330 cm

Oblivion is a group show by postgraduate students at Central Saint Martins and their response to the theme of Oblivion. Featuring work by Aga Tamiola, Alexander Williams, Alexandra Pace, Christine Donnier-Valentin, Fedor Toshchev, Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Hyunjeong Lim, Ines Tavares, Jean-Paul A. Moreira, Ksenia Burnasheva, Lara Morrell, Louise Beer, Marianne Morild, Matthew Humphreys, Nikolas Ventourakis, Noemi Niederhauser, Sam Taylor, Seungwon Hong, Serena Porrati, Shinji Toya. Curated by Lara Morrell, Nikolas Ventourakis and Sam Taylor

Private view on the 7th March, 6.30 til late. The show is on until 10th March, 2-6 pm at 17-20 Parr St, Shoreditch, London, N1 7ET