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‘World Domination’ with Todd James at Lazarides, London

World Domination

6th Mar – 11th Apr 2013

Part of his iconic Somali Pirates series, the New York-based artist’s paintings depict pirates, often in headgear and masks, brandishing AK-47s and performing a range of quotidian activities. A selection of gouache on paper works will also be on display, many featuring singular brand of All-American girl as cheerleader of the Apocalypse, bearing arms and baring ass. Continue reading “‘World Domination’ with Todd James at Lazarides, London”

Gallery Show
Wieland Payer in ‘What’s He Building Out There?’
at the Man & Eve Gallery, London

8342061218_92ae67159f  8341002977_430d6677dd

1st March 2013 to 20th April 2013

Wieland Payer’s first London solo exhibition brings together recent works on paper, sculpture and painting. Payer is best known for his intricate drawings in charcoal and pastel depicting mountains and woodland, from which protrude strange objects and buildings that seem to have been plucked from some future era — but which may equally be derelict altars to modernism, projected into post-apocalyptic landscapes. More

Adel Abdessemed’s ‘Cri’ at David Zwirner, London


Taken from the well-known photograph of children fleeing a napalm attack during the Vietnam War, ‘Cri’ depicts the young girl running naked with her arms outstretched and her mouth open in a scream. Made entirely in mammoth ivory, Her life-sized figure is accompanied by a series of drawings featuring soldiers in full gear.

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Raqib Shaw at the Manchester Art Gallery


Raqib Shaw has created a dazzling response to George Stubbs ‘Cheetah and Stag with Two Indians’  for this exhibition. Inspired by the impression the painting made on the artist as a young boy, this provocative new work is on display alongside the original (shown below) from the Manchester Art Gallery’s collection.


Other works including Adam and a selection from Shaw’s recent series Of Beasts and Super- Beasts will be on display until 26th May, 2013. More info

Poster Art 150 at the London Transport Museum


For the Undergrounds 150th anniversary, ‘Poster Art 150’ will show 150 of the greatest posters, produced for the Underground. Chosen from 3,000 illustrated posters, The London Underground has a long and distinguished heritage of commissioning leading artists to produce its advertising posters.

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‘The Future’s Not What it use to be’ at the Newlyn Art Gallery

40LongAwaitedEd1View_a  The Long Awaited by Patricia Piccinni

9th February – 27th April 2013

The Future’s Not What it use to be is a group show exploring the past, present and future featuring work by Vernon Ah Kee, Matt Byrans , Susan Hiller, Patricia Piccinini, Jeremy Milllar, Tony Albert, Darren Almond, Marjectica Potrc, Ged Quinn and Amie Seigel.

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