Vasilis Avramidis’ ‘Resort Archaeology’
On show with The Contemporary London, London Art Fair



15th – 19th January 2014

Vasilis Avramidis will be showing a collection of his new paintings depicting modern structures submerged in luscious mutated vegetation. The body of work titled ‘Resort archaeology’ will be shown with The Contemporary London at London Art Fair.

Vasillis say of the new paintings ”Resorts are symbols of escapism, but in this case the word mostly refers to uncanny locations, private worlds, idealized images from the past, or decadent earthly paradises. In the setting of these oil paintings they usually appear as architectural fragments, conceptually and physically located between a vanitas concept and the infinity of an overgrowing landscape, where they attempt to echo the human effort to reason with the passing of time.

Resort archaeology is a series of oil paintings, which try to experiment with scenarios around the history of painting, the human mark, and the passing of time. A ‘place’ is usually established by the mark of humanity, as wilderness by itself cannot constitute place. The resorts appearing on these settings are remote locations in the midst of endless vegetation. They bear the mark of humanity and human architecture, therefore they also signify the finitude of time that comes with it. Even better, they signify the mortalization of time within a seemingly diachronic surrounding landscape, whose shape, in some cases, resembles forms usually drawn from the tradition of 17th century oil painting, and often from paintings that refer to the transciensce of time.”