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Super Future Kid at The Other Art Fair
with the Jester Jacques Gallery, London


Super Future Kid will be displaying some her latest whimsical and luscious paintings at London’s The Other Art Fair with the Jester Jacques Gallery. The Other Art Fair located in Marylebone Road, brings art lovers and collectors directly with emerging artists. Find out more about Super Future Kid in our Q&A.


25th April to 28th April 2013


Lex Thomas in ‘Of Truth Of Clouds’
At the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell

lex620 April – 16 June 2013

Taking its title from critic John Ruskin’s third volume of Modern Painters Thomas’ latest series of paintings linger on the Romantic sublime and quote from a historical obsession with the End of the World. Whilst these works reference the essence of the sublime they also suggest that perhaps modern Man has conquered all of nature apart from his own. With a Utopian quest fueled by a para-religious pursuit of technological advancement perhaps it is the machines that will win.

Thomas continues to explore the fictions man has created in order to deal with his existential predicament and the attempt to fill, as Jung described it, ‘the God-shaped hole’. These timeless landscapes are silent and menacing with mysterious crystalline growths. Devoid of human presence yet witnessed by surveillance cameras, the only company in this desolation is a space ship or homing beacon. The glitches in the representation of the skies seem to betray the unreliability of reality. Located simultaneously between Romanticism and science fiction Thomas’ paintings describe unstable worlds that fuse past, present and future.

Have a read of our interview with Lex Thomas here.

Tom Howse at the High House Gallery, Oxfordshire

















11th April – 28th April 2013

Tom Howse’s paintings are a mythological investigation into the sources of understanding and the quests we take to comprehend. He sees a distinct gulf between the world’s knowledge and his own understanding – the paintings being products of absurd and inadequate attempts to make sense of the world. Howse monumentalises figures or objects to bestow them with a greater power, for example in the ‘Big Faces’ works his figures act not only as a surrogate omnipotence but also as a self-admonishing reconciliation for his perceived inadequacies. Howse’s paintings evolve on the canvas provoking questions and uncertainty. Colour and paint work as a language to evolve an image beyond a physical depiction to produce exciting, mysterious, raw and primal work.

For more info please visit the High House Gallery.

Sophie Wiltshire in ‘Forming Words’
at the Flow Gallery, London


Forming Words is based on how form and structure can be inspired by text. Flow has asked selected artists to create new work based on a piece of writing of their choice, from poetry to a letter to lyrics. Whether it is the shapes, lines and curves which letters create that inspire the work, as in vibrant wall pieces by Debbie Smyth that motivate the work. Or simply the fluidity of the writing, artists exploring this theme express the diverse approaches and outcomes this one theme can manifest.











Artists include: Jonathan Boyd, Gary Breeze, Tabea Dürr, Clare Goddard, Clare Hillerby, Mimi Joung, Alyssa Dee Krauss, Aino Kajaniemi, Hanne Mannheimer, Susanne Matsché, Enya Moore, Cecilia Levy, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Matthew Raw, Debbie Smyth, Jessica Turrell, Ingeborg Vandamme, Sophie Wiltshire, Buddug Wyn Humphreys.

On Show until 17th May 2013. For more info please visit the Flow Gallery

Natasha Peel in ‘New Order, British Art Now’
at the Saatchi Gallery, London

NPeelThe World’s Local Nomad, Heat-treated perspex (size and colour taken from HSBC London building façade) and vinyl-covered plinth (colour selected from branding material) 150 x 130 x 100 cm, 2012

‘In this piece the words ‘local’ and ‘nomad’ are intentionally juxtaposed to reveal the contradiction of the logic of global capitalist expansion as the endorsement of an extraterritorial colonialism. The colours and utopian slogans of corporate branding bring to mind the reductive aesthetics of constructivism and suprematism, which rehearse the institutional fate of the avant-garde.’

Natasha’s sculpture features in New Order, British Art Now at the Saatchi gallery with 17 other UK-based young artists, from 26 April – 9 June 2013.

Geoff Litherland in ‘We Will Say Goodbye To Everything’
at the Nancy Victor Gallery, London

549862_434024893345336_1105491259_n12 April – 29 April 2013

For his solo show at Nancy Victor, Geoff will present new elements to his ever- expanding alternative universe, in the form of spectral octagonal landscape paintings and a map of an uncharted world engraved onto animal skins. Geoff’s work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. It draws from traditional genres of painting together with the rusty surrealism of science fiction and the fantasia of abstraction to create a parallel world.












Space Ship Earth (window no.2) Heaven Go Easy on Me, oil, gesso on linen, 100 x 100 cm, 2013

For more info please visit Nancy Victor Gallery

Nina Fowler’s ‘It’s Just My Funny Way of Dancing’
On Show Until 31st March, London

L0005916Nina Fowler’s dynamic show ‘It’s Just My Funny Way of Dancing” showcases eight large scale black chalk drawings depicting two females figures embroiled in a lively brawl. The remarkable images capture split second stills from the 1939 film Destry Rides Again, featuring the enamoring Marlene Dietrich. Concurrently portraying great movement with immaculate stillness, the pieces feature intricate detail and illustrate Fowler’s remarkable draftsmanship skills.

On show at 18 Hewett Street until Sunday 31st March. See more of Nina’s work here.

Jethro Buck at Art Jericho, Oxford



















21st March – 27th April 2013

Jethro Buck’s fascination with the ancient art of Indian miniature painting is core to his work. It is not only the beauty and fine workmanship that has captured his imagination, but also the fables and mysticism that has created such rich and exotic art for hundreds of years. FREEFALL is an exhibition of 30 paintings that blend East with West. Incorporating his own expression, narrative and scale, to the form and decorative style of classical Indian miniature painting, Jethro Buck studied with classical Indian miniaturist master Ajay Sharma and has composed a body of contemporary paintings inspired by the experience of his journey to India, a country both ancient and modern.

More info at Art Jericho

‘Oblivion’ with Hyunjeong Lim, Shoreditch

Journey to the British Museum, 2011,charcoal on canvas,157x330cmHyunjeong Lim, Journey to the British Museum, 2011, charcoal on canvas,157 x 330 cm

Oblivion is a group show by postgraduate students at Central Saint Martins and their response to the theme of Oblivion. Featuring work by Aga Tamiola, Alexander Williams, Alexandra Pace, Christine Donnier-Valentin, Fedor Toshchev, Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Hyunjeong Lim, Ines Tavares, Jean-Paul A. Moreira, Ksenia Burnasheva, Lara Morrell, Louise Beer, Marianne Morild, Matthew Humphreys, Nikolas Ventourakis, Noemi Niederhauser, Sam Taylor, Seungwon Hong, Serena Porrati, Shinji Toya. Curated by Lara Morrell, Nikolas Ventourakis and Sam Taylor

Private view on the 7th March, 6.30 til late. The show is on until 10th March, 2-6 pm at 17-20 Parr St, Shoreditch, London, N1 7ET

‘Intimate Strangers’ with Nina Mae Fowler at Art13, London

billBill, (h) 140 x (w) 140 x (d) 9 cm, Pencil + mixed media, 2013

British writer, Barry Miles, took the original photograph this drawing comes from of William Burroughs in his Duke Street, St James, home in 1972. Miles states that he and his good friend Bill were enjoying a “somewhat drunken” evening in together as the slight blurring of the image suggests. This photo hangs in the living room of Miles’ home.

Carla's MumCarla’s Mum(h) 125 x (w) 91 x (d) 9 cm, Pencil + mixed media, 2012-13

This image is taken from a passport booth photo of Carla Borel’s mother Jen. She was a dancer in Las Vegas during the 60’s and later moved to Paris where she danced at the Moulin Rouge and was to meet Carla’s father. Carla is photographer and uses only black and white film; she keeps the original picture hanging on her living room wall. Continue reading “‘Intimate Strangers’ with Nina Mae Fowler at Art13, London”